Black and White

The Paris Fashion Week is gone, but in terms of latest fashion trends, you shouldn’t forget outfits of the celebrities in the front rows of the catwalks. 

What I took from the PFW is black and white trend that is rocking this season. It can also be seen on red carpets.

These 2 colours are predominant in my clothes (and I bet in yours too?). There are so many ways to wear these colours, both as an everyday outfit and as an evening wear too. As I absolutely adore wearing couple of layers, this is the otd.



Also, as I am not very high, I love these recent trend shoes with platforms. Comfy, yet I don’t have to stand on my toes while kissing my bf 🙂 


Today’s recipe: New York Cheesecake

  • Philadelphia cheese 750g
  • Cookies 250g
  • 3 eggs
  • oil 125g
  • sour creme 180g

All you have to do is mix oil with cookies (for the base). Then mix all the other ingredients together and put it in the oven for an hour at 170C.

That’s what you get! You can put jam on it if you’re a sweet tooth.



Have a nice week!



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