It’s almost summer that we’ve all been waiting for (too long)! Everyone is preparing for it in their own way, but we , girls , know that the first thing on the list is shopping.

Now, I need to say I’m so happy that in this season no matter what you wear, you’ll be in trend. Long skirts, shirt skirts, maxi- dresses, short dresses, bright colours, red, green, blue altogether or something pale.. Also, flowers everywhere! (I must say it’s better to appreciate them in a bouquet, but, anyways, at least we can buy flowers for ourselves now on clothes if guys forget about it.. ) The other day I saw high heels all covered with bright flowers that’s when I understood everyone is craving for something colourful instead of this grey sky everyday..

However, today I want to blog about less bright colour, rose. As for me , it reminds about warm sunsets, romance, wine.. And food of course!

 Today’s dish is pasta with King prawns and creamy sauce.


  • king prawns – 500g
  • spaghetti- half of the pack
  • double cream – 100g
  • milk – 100g
  • olives- 10-15
  • garlic – 1piece

First put spaghetti in boiling water for 10 min. While cooking spaghetti, chop garlic and olives, put some oilive oil into the pan and cook them together for 5 min. Then add kings prawns and stir for 2 min. After that on the slow heat pour in milk and cream, salt and pepper. Let it stay like that for a couple of minutes and add spaghetti. You’re done!

ImageAs it’s almost summer, buying new dress is a must!


Please take your dresses out of clotheds! There’re not only for special occasions ,you know 🙂 As one wise man said -“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”O.W.




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