(almost) xmas!!

I missed blogging so much!Sorry that I haven’t been updating you recently. Blame Uni for that!

Anyways, I feel that holidays are coming. London is just fabulous these days. Did you know, there are also fake snow on Oxford str.? 

Hope you have the same mood as me 🙂

OK, so back to the xmas theme.What means xmas for you?I bet most of you would mention family gatherings, presents .. and food, of course.This time I’m not going to write about oh-so-traditional xmas dinners.I’m sure you mothers and grandmothers gave you the best recipes for the dinner.What I would propose is super quick option for very delicious xmas dinner.

Recently, I’ve been looking for the present for my boyfriend. Although I found it, I still were searching for something that he would love, not another pair of socks etc. :)) So I found this amazing app, which is called Gift Finder. There you can browse through the presents, giving some information about the person beforehand. Also, I went to this restaurant with steaks and they had it there as well!! Not going to turture you anymore, the thing I am talking about is steak stone!

I’m sure every man would love it as a present. Additionally, that would work amazing for a big dinner with family. We all are busy women and we want to look great. Everyone knows it takes hell of a lot time! So know we have an easy solution and less time consuming too!

Of course, it’s not such a cheap option, but you will use it forever.

Here how it looks:





It takes 20min on medium heat on gas hob to get the stone heated. Than your guests should cut the steak into small pieces and cook it on the stone. Perfect steak is different for each person and in this situation they can cook it as they want. 

In terms of the clothes for this occasion, I would say a dress with laces. They are quite popular this season. To be honest, I bought one for myself too 🙂 It looks something like that:



I have no idea about the designer, but I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

Have a very Merry Christmas, guys!




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