Oh yes I am!

I am the kind of the person who loves any kind of chocolate. (Well, maybe not the one with mint inside. Kinda feels like eating chocolate with a toothpaste.. isn’t it? 🙂 )

When I have all of those essay deadlines and stress, I just like to shop around for the perfect dessert to get a little bit less stressed.

Today I was thinking about perfect brownie dessert. Can’t say I would cook something like that now with all the sleepless nights in the library!

However, when I have the days that I have “the reds”, I usually put “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and eat lots of chocolate.

Something like that…


You know how those dessert have a special “packaging”,like you receive a very luxurious present? I believe you just can’t look casual,while eating them 🙂

Eat one like that in LBD!



Have a sweet evening!


PS. I would strongly suggest you to read a novel on which the movie was based. It has a lot of wise quotes.


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